Soul 2 Soul


I am not sure if we had a bell in college. I think we followed our lessons by looking at the time. I had a watch, it must be the time. I packed my books one evening to go home. My friend, Mercy, approached me and said, “You should visit the hostel today, come, lets go”

It was around 2 kilometers from college. We entered the hostel and she introduced me to her friends. Then Mercy called out to one, “Mary come, there is someone I want you to meet.” Mary walked towards us, she was glowing and had a radiating smile. Mercy said, “Mary, this is Berina….Berina, this is Mary, she is saved. That is why she is always happy.” It was a casual introduction. We did not say more. As Mary left we entered one of the cubicles and continued chatting.

Three years later, I met a nurse at Nairobi hospital called Gladys. She was very active and kind, always wanting to help out with a smile on her face. That time, my mind was more settled than when I was in college and I noticed the glow on her face. A week later there was a note in the newspaper thanking her for being kind. I had it posted.

The next time I met such a person with so much kindness was seven years later, her name was Esther, she was my workmate. She had kind beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. A gentle voice too. I worked with her for about three months, not once did she lose her temper. She became sad when she was wronged, but never angry. I met her about a year ago but she was different. There was this hard look in her eyes. I knew something happened somewhere in the years we were apart that caused that look. This is a cruel world.

Four years later, I worked for this humble gentleman. His eyes very kind white eyes, his English perfect. His voice firm, but gentle. He never scolded me at any one time. There were not many mistakes to be made, because he never looked for them. [Few people realize that when there is no fear in the workplace, there are very few mistakes made.].

I remember one time, it was raining. He arrived at our place of work earlier than me. He called to ask how far away I was. Nothing more. I found him standing outside the office holding his umbrella. He smiled, said hallo, and that was it, he did not scold me, he did not ask where I was. We continued working as usual.

The pleasant qualities and kindness I saw in these people can only be described as the Grace of God. It is now eleven years later, I have been reflecting back on my life, wondering how many kind people I have met since then. None. People who have been willing to do good, expecting nothing back. People who are kind, who speak softly with many words of encouragement. Every time I hold conversations people are loud and fast. There is a competition for being heard. Few listen these days.

What happened to the fear of God? At which point does a human being, begin to think he or she has become god, that they start telling you what to do instead of advising you to seek Guidance from God.

What happened to statements like, “God bless you.. – Pray and all shall be well.. – Do not worry, God has plans for you.. – Be patient, with God everything is possible.. – Do not revenge, leave everything to God.”

We go to church every Sunday. Sometimes you will see us in a group, before and after church. What do we talk about. Not God, but gossip. Our business. The man, the woman next door. Harambees, contributions, financial meetings. Sunday is not a day to sit back and reflect on your life and your relationship with God anymore.

It is only in peace, that you can truly deliver your prayers to God. I think I have met two people recently, who I can live with peacefully. I have not spent continuous time with them, to confidently conclude that they are the ones. The few moments I have spent with them, have been full of encouragement. I have gone back home better.

They have reminded me about my God and faith many times. Telling me that there is hope when I am about to give up. Everyone needs a person like that in their life, and to get a person like that, you have to strive to be kind, humble, and pleasant. Everyone needs someone to spend time with. Choose your friends carefully.

Think about yourself. Does what you do and say make someone else say, “For sure there is a God” or does that someone say, “And you say there is a God”. How much have you made others want to see tomorrow? Have you made people suffer? Have you helped someone and thought you were that person’s god? Have you forgotten how you became what you are? How you reached where you are? That it is not you who causes your heart to beat?

We make this world, all of us do. And there is always a higher Power, do not forget that.