Berina Ogega is a writer of short stories about suffering silently. Her greatest passion, that she developed during her high school days, is to make people aware of these sufferings. The only way she can effectively do this is to get the readers minds away from their usual life and surroundings, to the village, through short stories. Her strongest wish is to let people know, that what is happening to them, happens to others too, and suffering comes to an end, eventually. Hers did.

Most of what you read in her stories are real life experiences, from many people she has observed and listened to, throughout her life. Some of them are hers. Even butterflies get out of their cocoon.

The humour in her stories are for readers to know, that, even when life is at its hardest, it is okay to smile. Her stories can be found at her blog at www.berinaberrry.wordpress.com

When she is not writing, she enjoys music and movies, knitting, hiking and cooking. She draws for her stories.

She is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. …I love your drawings. How did you made them, sketched them on the paper, or using a computer application? I have an idea to produce a comic book or video, but I don’t know where to start, what application to use…

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      1. Thanks for your guides. I’m just trying to find some program that would help me to draw crazy surreal images, like from mathematical functions (like fractals, for example) or something similar. I just want to play with my pretty vivid imagination and ideas that I always have in surplus…

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    1. I am happy you discovered my blog. I am so so so glad that you have taken time to read, it warms my heart.

      No I am not a published writer, but I am planning to be when the time is right.
      Thank you so much. I appreciate this.


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