Body Armour


I sat up straight when I heard the sound of the tins approaching the house. Had I missed one name,

when I called out to my children to come inside.

I stood up and rushed to the bedrooms.

I walked over to the beds to make sure that the children were tucked in well, Yes, they were.

Oh! I thought.

It must be a car carrying some bride and groom.

Drugging tins tied to the bumper at the back

But wait, why was I not invited?

I decided to find out who they were, so that,

I would also refuse to invite them to my wedding, next century.

I opened the door and stretched my neck to see the road.

My eyes stopped two metres ahead,

someone was standing there in a suit, body armour, made of stainless steel. I shut and locked the door,

Stood right behind it

then peeped through the keyhole.

I could not see anything, it was dark

Then a voice called, “Berina Berina”

It was my husband.

I opened the door to let this steel man in.

I did not know whether to get excited or annoyed.

I stepped back and asked,

“Did you get a job as a blacksmith or…

Did the English Queen just offer you the job of a bodyguard?

Or you bought this to smelt, so we would have more frying pans?”

He walked past me and sat on the sofa…

The noise that armour produced was unbearable…

[You know, since I started listening to gossip, my hearing has become sharper] He put his arm around my neck, but I lifted it and pushed it away.

It was colder than a stone at dawn…

“Berina, I am sorry,” he began…

“Ehe, I am listening,”

I answered..

“Today,” he continued, “when I was in the city,

I decide to visit the archives,”

He paused.

I looked up and urged him on, “Yes…”

I went through the old newspapers,

and came across several articles,

with women and men from your community that committed several crimes..”

“Hmmmm…” I responded trying to look hard into the spaces in the steel, around the eyes.

“One woman,” he went on, “sent her son to deliver bananas to the market, the son was hungry and ate three..

When the mum heard about it,

she dipped the boys hands in paraffin and set them on fire.

In another article,

an angry man, chased his wife away from his home.

In his hand was a Rungu which he threw at her as soon as she stepped outside, but the lady was lucky,

it landed on a goat that was grazing nearby,

killing it instantly..

“So?” I asked.

He tried to place his hand on my thigh, but I removed it.

“Wait wait wait! I have not finished,” he said.

“What worried me most, you are lucky that I even came home, is where I read that a woman chopped off her man’s private parts. That is why I came home wearing this, in case…”

“In case what?” I shouted and stood up facing him

“Now that you covered the whole body, does it mean that you think one day, I’ll get mad and stab you everywhere or slice you into small pieces?”

With my hands akimbo…

“How long have we been together?

If I wanted you to suffer, I would have done it long ago.”

I have had very many opportunities to do that, but I have never.

Trying to shrug in that impossible suit, he said, “you never know.”

“What?” I screamed…

He lifted his head…

I dont know if he was looking at me, from those holes,

I did not care.

“I thought, I’d better be safe than sorry,”

He said in a soft voice.

“So I went to the British Council Library

and pretended to be the maintenance guy,

and borrowed this”.

With irritating noise, he tried to bend his hand and point at his chest.. “This,” he said again, “for safety”

I stood on the same spot for some minutes, looking at him..

Then I turned and walked to the bedroom.

I packed a few clothes into my bag and walked out..

A few steps outside the door…

I heard this urge to be mischievous..

I quickly ran to the side of the house.

I could hear my husband calling…

“Berina Berina!”

I saw him walking towards the gate…

Trying not to be loud..

“Berina Berina!”

I took out my phone and dialled 999,

A voice came on,

I reported,

“There has been a robbery at the British Council Library,

a Body Armour is missing,

I know who stole it….

There was a grin on my face.

Erosion of Intelligence


We must open our eyes wide and keep our ears alert…

we must continue to see….

we must continue to hear…..

for there are tiny invisible graves everywhere…..

waiting to swallow bits of our brains

if we are not careful….

the jaws of the graves are open wide

waiting to bite and swallow our wisdom and intelligence…

Bury them, so deep that they will never rise…

Anytime you do not use your sixth sense….

A part of your brain is buried.

If you do not have an intelligent friend to remind you

It is dead permanently…..

It is hard to find a person who is intelligent and wise….

Sometimes we look for a person who will look us in the eye and

tell us the truth quietly

without hurting us……

Someone who chooses his or her words wisely……

We are running out of human beings…..

People who are honest and kind….

The ones who will say

“No we cannot do this, it is bad”, or “it is wrong”

If you want good advice from a wise person…..

Go to a person who is very advanced in age…

And never went to school

He will not speak from what he has seen on paper….

But from experience

He will speak slowly

in a low voice, pausing after a few words…..

Waiting for everything to sink in……

Greed has made us push the elderly away……

Wrong pieces of advice from our friends who are our age mates

have made us blind and deaf..

Look at our children

We have no time for them…..

The only time we put some sense into their heads is when they make us angry.

We shout and make faces

Pausing after a few sentences to say

“I’ll beat you”

Instead of the child listening to us….

He or she will be looking at the expression on our faces and movement of our lips…..

At the end of the scolding

What they call a ‘sermon’ these days

Nothing has stuck to the bored child’s brain…..

Saliva and a few brain cells are wasted here because

the child has not been told the long term consequences of his actions…

We drop them at their grandparents place….

and call every evening

to know if they almost died out of discipline…..

Yes intelligence and wisdom are now in the golden coffin……

Waiting to be lowered to the grave..

We are running out of honest, wise human beings

Insanity is setting in slowly

That is why we freely and comfortably say

‘Every man has a degree of madness’

A statement I never heard until my teens…..

Which is common these days

It is unfortunate we cannot close schools….

It is too late

I spend all my time quietly at home….

This has allowed me to observe and learn a lot of things…..

I see what most people don’t see.

I hear what most people don’t hear.

All the feelings I have are stronger now

My senses are sharper.

We say, an idle mind is a devils workshop…..

Before I decide to lie on my back and stare at the ceiling…..

I remind myself that…

That is the time to observe and learn…

I thought it would wear my brain out

But I read somewhere that a positively active brain….

Is a strong brain

‘You are what you think’

is not an understatement

But a fact….

So continue thinking money….

keep away from the human beings who don’t help you make money….

Keep quoting verses from the bible

Especially from the new testament

Thinking that you are the one that God chose to fulfil things like…

‘A brother will turn against brother

or Sister will turn against sister’


‘whoever has little, even the little he has will be taken away’

And never in your life has God called you….

Even in the middle of the night

Like he did Samuel….

To give you an assignment….

As you hold your Holy Book

look at the ways of the world….

Be cautious and alert….

And you will not be holding that tool called greed….

to dig a tiny grave to bury your intelligence and wisdom…..

We, the human beings

have refused to add

General knowledge to the library of our brains…..

We want everything easy…..

something about making quick money….

I am almost agreeing that in the end, the earth will burn….

Maybe many drunk people

will one night…

forget to switch off the gas

and the world will burn….

May be the sun will get too hot and we will all be roasted…..

Or many enthusiastic scientists will take drugs…..

to keep them awake

while they do their project

then out of fatigue mix the wrong chemicals and many explosions will make the world burn…

Who knows?

But what I know is

When the world ends

It will be because of one foolish act…

An intelligent and wise person is always compassionate, kind and honest that is why they are rare…..

What we give to the world is what we get back….

If you give good advice, you get good results….

There is no shortcut to a peaceful life…

That part of your brain that you do not want to wear out….

Will die and you will be walking dead in a short time…..

Nothing is easy….

Strive to be intelligently unique.