Sweat & Sun

scorching-sunI was very excited the other day

because I did not go to the washroom many times like before.

I thought it was because of a health drink that I had taken.

I did not think much about

I continued threshing the maize.

The following day

as I was spreading it in the sun to dry

I noticed I was sweating profusely.

The sweat was dripping down my face onto the maize..

Are my kidneys developing a problem?”

I asked myself

It did not occur to me that the sun was hotter than usual.

After I was done with spreading

I looked up to the sky.

It was clear, blue, the sun seemed lonely

I remembered sometime last month

the clouds and sun were very close.

Then they quarreled, the sun was refusing to let the clouds go.

The clouds cried for three days.

I remembered when I was in primary school there was this boy who would run after me after the last bell hold the back of my dress very tight and force me to walk home with him. I never cried, but was very uncomfortable.

I did not dare tell mum

because it would have changed to a different story like

“That is why you come home late,

because you play around with boys after school.”

Going home in a torn dress with a story ending in,

“and I got stuck between the two barbed wires,

that tore my dress as I pulled to get free”

would have received a milder punishment than

“so I pulled very hard to free myself from this boy,

that is when my dress got torn”

Today, if a boy calls you

without touching you

and asks you to walk home with him

after the last school bell.

Will be asked to bring a parent to school and wash the toilet as a punishment or improve the ground on which the school studies agriculture.

“Do the clouds have a mother?”

I asked myself.

If the clouds did, and reported to the mother

what the sun was doing

Would the mother answer

“Shut up! What were you doing there?

How many times have I told you not to go there.”

And I would have understood the mum’s anger,

because for sure, it was in the middle of February

what were the clouds doing here?

That is when I start wondering why I went to school at all.

I should have gone to nursery school

May be standard one and two,

then wait to get married.

Our world is very different now

from what we see in the Geography books.

I think after last months argument

the clouds left

Now the sun is dating the equator

The equator does not know how to soften the sun’s heart at all.

It is inexperienced, never gives advice.

I begin to wonder if the stone age people were right on how we should dress? Because my clothes are not helping at all.

I have been thinking about the moon too

and wonder what its use is

Am I imagining or is it producing heat too?

and not caring

like those schoolmates of mine

who went home

and left me behind

because to them, it was normal.

As we continue to burn

I appreciate my free dresses

with all my heart.

I am also trying to see if sweat can be used in any other way.

Maybe I can make quick money out of it.


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